Editing and Coaching Services


I bring over 20 years teaching writers at all stages of development, from beginning to advanced, as well as writing, editing and publishing my own work to my editorial and coaching services.  My clients have gone on to publish books as well as work in major national publications such as The Butter, The Rumpus and the Washington Post.

Prose Manuscript/Project Development:  I’ll read the beginning of something you’re working on (the first few chapters, with or without an outline) and suggest directions to take in an editorial letter (3 hours).  Or, I’ll read a finished manuscript and write a detailed editorial letter with holistic suggestions on narrative structure, character development, point of view, setting and description designed to help you take your work to the next level and realize what you want it to be (4-12 hours depending on length of the manuscript).  

Prose Manuscript Line Editing:  In addition to writing the editorial letter above I will also:  

  • closely line-edit one chapter, story or essay with margin comments making suggestions about grammar, spelling, rhythm and sentence structure so that you can then apply my suggestions to the rest of your work (2 hours)
  • line edit the entire manuscript (20-30 hours depending on word length) 

Query Letter and Book Proposal Editing:  I also consult on query letters (letters used to seek representation and publication for your work) and book proposals (hours vary based on project length and needs). 

Managing Your Writing Time:  Do you need help with writing time management? Just finding time to write? I address this subject generally in The Geek’s Guide to the Writing Life.  But if you want something more than that, write to me about your concerns and obstacles and I’ll respond with a personalized coaching plan to get you on the path to creative productivity.  (1 hour).  I can also serve as your writing coach as you develop a long term project (hours vary with your needs)

Hourly rate: $45

I’m interested in one of your services?  What are the next steps? 

Contact me at the contact page on this website to describe your project and the services you’re interested in and I’ll prepare an estimate of the time and cost required.  If you’re interested, we’ll get started with a retainer* and a letter of agreement.  

**1/2 of the fee paid in advance.