Studying Creative Writing Successfully is Here!


From Heather Sellers, author of The Practice of Creative Writing: “A practical field guide to the rocky, thrilling terrain that is a creative writing program. Packed with advice, anecdotes and practical strategies ford students seeking to thrive as writing students in the academy and beyond.”  Topics covered include:

  • Making the major work for you
  • What to expect as a creative writing major
  • Reading as a writer
  • Invention 
  • Revising
  • How to give a reading of your work
  • How to write a critical reflection
  • How creative writing is graded
  • Studying creative writing online
  • Sustaining yourself beyond graduation
  • Literary citizenship

Available for pre-order now on amazon, Studying Creative Writing makes a great addition to many creative writing courses, introducing students to the signature pedagogies of the creative writing culture and featuring many of the top professors of our field.  Or, if you’re an independent writer or teacher you may just want a copy for yourself.  Click here to order your copy.




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