Essay News!

Less than a week ago I was working hard on an essay about writing and perseverance for my Huffington Post column.  About a difficult subject, an assault and kidnapping attempt I experienced twenty-five years ago when I started my MFA program, it was something I had tried to write about many times but failed.  The writing always seemed forced; not quite there.  I wasn’t ready.  

Last week, I felt ready and the essay just poured out.  You can read it here, at the Huffington Post, where it got a great response.  But I’d rather you read it here, over at  Easy Street mag.  My friend, writer Wendy Russ, asked if they could reprint the essay at the magazine she edits (she is actually Editor in Chief!) yesterday and I was honored to say yes.  It is a wonderful magazine of arts and culture, especially literary arts and culture.  I encourage you to check out all the great features, like it on Facebook and get yourself on the newsletter mailing list.  Read the “Apply” section if you want to get more involved in literary culture.  Read the “submit” section and consider submitting. Spread the news to all your friends; more people need to know about this awesome literary outlet!

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