A Bookish Summer!


So it’s been a bookish summer, everyone!  The tenth anniversary of Can Creative Writing Really Be Taught came out from Bloomsbury in July and it is amazing.  I’m incredibly proud of it and I’m allowed to say that without worrying bragging because I only put it together with Rebecca Manery, most of the book is cutting edge research in creative writing pedagogy from the most current scholars in our field.  About half of the essays are re-envisionings of the original essays from the ground- breaking first edition from people like Tim Mayers, Anna Leahy, Kate Haake, Mary Ann Cain and so on.  How often do you get to read a book where the scholar gets to revisit what they wrote 10 years later?  Right, never.  So take this chance!  And still there’s more–the rest of the book is chock-a-block (as they would say in the UK) with new essays from even more of the most relevant scholars in our field, taking its pulse and predicting its future.    This book is a must have, creative writing  people, for your bookshelves and for your classrooms.  And of course, I’m biased, but Rebecca and I created it to be a must-have.  And Bloomsbury, with their vision, supported us every step along the way.

More movement on The Geek’s Guide to the Writing Life: An Instructional Guide for Prose Writers.  Houston, we have a cover! And I love it:


I am so excited to bring forth this very personal guide to making a literary life, packed with lots of information on everything from making the time to write to getting published, finding an agent to giving yourself permission to write.  Writing geek’s unite! Click on the book itself to pre-order the Geek’s Guide from amazon.  Launching December 14, it will make a great holiday gift for all the creatives in your life.  Don’t forget to buy one for yourself.

I also continued working on a new, complete rewrite of Beautiful, Terrible Things which is proceeding well, albeit slowly and submitting The Lost Son to indie publishers and contests.  Let’s just say “Nevertheless, She Persisted” should be my tag line.  Anyway, a week ago, I found out that The Lost Son is part of the


Winners will be announced at the end of September but the press will be publishing lots of interviews and quotes with the short list winners in the meantime–keep your eye out for more news from me here, on Twitter and FB.  The competition is incredibly stiff–I’m happy to be among them–cross your fingers and toes and pray for me if you pray–I want nothing more than to get The Lost Son into reader’s hands.

More soon! Stephanie

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